New Season for the Foreman's!

I have some exciting news to share about our family and ministry! I've been serving as a Worship Leader for the past 8 years in a variety of settings including student camps, retreats, conferences and mainly in the local church. Serving the Lord through Worship Ministry is a calling that has been placed on my life and my desire to serve Christ faithfully through that calling is extremely important to me. In February 2013 the Lord brought our family to Community Life Church in Forney, Texas as their Worship Pastor. This multi-campus congregation has given me a tremendous platform to lead and pastor people in worship to see the glory of Jesus Christ. We have seen incredible growth in our ministry and in the church over the past 2 years as the Lord continues to be faithful in building His kingdom.

However, over the past year, we began to sense what we would describe as a holy unrest and feeling out of place in our current ministry position. This unrest was also coupled with some burnout in ministry, so we began to pray for the Lord's guidance and what this meant for us moving forward. Through our fervent prayer, God began releasing us from c|Life and into a new opportunity and a new season of ministry. We are very excited about this new season and overjoyed to share it with you! 

Recently I saw the Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, TX post about a Worship Residency position starting in the Fall of 2015. They receive hundreds of applicants each year to enter this 2-year, intensive residency program for worship and pastoral leadership. The Austin Stone is a church launched in 2002 by Pastor Matt Carter. Over the last 13 years, the church has reached thousands in Austin and around the world. They currently have 5 campuses in and around the metro Austin area and minister to over 9,000 people each week. The Austin Stone is also the largest missionary sending church in the country! It is an incredible church with passionate vision for the Gospel and the nations.

After much prayer and guidance from the Holy Spirit, I applied for the position and got accepted! And by God's grace, not only did I get accepted but because of my experience in ministry they created a residency position specifically tailored for me. I will be serving as a centralized resident where I will have the opportunity to disciple younger residents in the ministry as well as assist in writing discipleship material for their online Worship Leader development program. I will have opportunities to lead worship, work in songwriting as well as helping with the new worship album they are producing. They have also asked me to play a role in their annual Worship Conference held in November. These ministry tasks are exciting to me as they fit my gifting and desires as a worship leader and pastor.

But more than just doing amazing things, the leadership of Austin Stone Worship will be intentional in discipling and pouring into me for the purpose of healing and spiritual growth. This is a critical piece in our move to Austin, an opportunity to heal and be invested in as a minister and disciple. Not to mention my ministry trajectory would forever be changed as I would be growing immensely as a pastor and worship leader. Plus as a full-time resident at the Austin Stone Community Church, I will have the opportunity to join a team of men and women dedicated to seeing the Gospel of Jesus radically transform Austin, Texas. This is truly a dream opportunity! Jessica and I have no doubt that the Lord is calling us into this and couldn't be more excited that we get to be a part of His kingdom work at the Austin Stone!

Partner With Us!

Part of my residency is raising 24 months of financial support for our family. While this is no small task we believe God is faithful in His provision when He calls His people to step out in faith.

Throughout the Scriptures, we see examples of people receiving support from others in order to help fulfill the mission of God in the world. Even Jesus, as He was going from city to city proclaiming the Gospel, had all the power in the world yet He chose to depend on the giving of others to bring them in on His ministry. We are asking you to partner with us because we can't do this residency without your help.

Here is what we need:

Goal Of 50 People Giving $100 Per Month For One Year

Will you join our team to help us serve the people of Austin, Texas with the Gospel message of Christ? Your partnership with us affords our family an incredible opportunity to minister in an amazing church that is impacting the world. We would love to have your help with the following needs:

One-time costs: $5,000 Total

  • Moving Costs - $5,000 Total

Monthly Costs for 1st Year (August 2015 - August 2016)

  • Rent - $1,500
  • Utilities - $616
  • Insurance - $800
  • Living Expenses - $1,250

We're asking you to pray and ask the Lord if you can not only support us with your time, influence and prayers but also financially. Our hope in all of this is not to simply ask for resources but to have you partner with us in the mission and vision God has given to us. More than anything we want your prayers as we venture out into this new and exciting season of ministry. We appreciate your partnership and support!

***If you prefer to give by check, please make all checks payable to "The Austin Stone Institute." In the memo line, write ASI- INT- 1127. This four digit code is my personal residency number, and will make sure the gift gets to me.

You can send all checks to: 

Austin Stone Institute
Attn: Kay Clow
313 E. Anderson Lane
Building 3, Suite 100
Austin, TX 78752

To find out more about the Austin Stone Community Church click here

To find out more about the Residency program click here