Walking in Obedience

I want to thank everyone for the love and support we've received since yesterday's announcement about our new ministry position. (if you haven't had a chance to read it yet please click here). The outpouring of love and encouragement has truly been amazing! While we are extremely excited about this new season, the decision took time and MUCH prayer. Let me be clear that this decision isn't a "grass is greener on the other side" type, but more of a walking in obedience to the Lord's calling. Many have wondered why I would walk away from a place and ministry position that is so fruitful. At c|Life I have a tremendous platform to lead and pastor, I'm paid well, and enjoy working with the staff. Even further, we love our home in Forney. Moving away from here is very difficult on so many levels.

However, even though these things are amazing we still feel called to walk in obedience to what the Lord has called us to do. Stepping out in faith by leaving a job where I'm paid a great salary to a place where I'm having to raise my own financial support is honestly not what I would've pursued on my own! It is beyond humbling to ask people for support, but by being this vulnerable it has allowed our faith in the Lord to be stretched in ways we would've never imagined. As I said in my previous blog, I believe God is faithful in His provision when He calls His people to step out in faith. This step for us is nothing more than a huge step of faith and an act of obedience. I truly believe being at the Austin Stone will be so fruitful in our ministry, and I am confident this new season will prove to be incredible in our pursuit of Christ. More than anything we're praying the Lord can use our story as a means to further the Gospel here on earth. We want to be faithful vessels so that His glory may be displayed.

We thank you for your prayers and support! For more information on the residency position, and how you can support our family please check out the "Residency" section of this site.

 - Jarryd