"This Glorious Grace"

One of the goals of Austin Stone Worship is to "equip the church with songs rich in content, theology and expression." Through the years, I've been able to see and experience firsthand the Austin Stone's ability to not only equip churches, but also worship ministries. Now that I'm serving on staff as a worship resident it has completely opened up my eyes to how intentional Austin Stone Worship, as a whole, goes out of their way to make sure the songs, videos and stories that are created are rich in content, theology and expression for the purpose of displaying the glory and renown of Christ.

I'm so excited for the release of our upcoming worship album "This Glorious Grace" on October 16th! Over the last year, a community of songwriters, musicians, filmmakers, storytellers, and worshipers from the Austin Stone got together to write and record, and film 11 new songs live in May 2015. Jessica and I had the privilege of attending the live recording back in May and it was truly one of the most amazing and memorable worship nights we'd ever been to! I can't wait for everyone to hear these songs and see the live videos.

Here is the full version of the trailer that the Austin Stone Story Team put together. For more information and to sign up to get 3 free songs check out thisgloriousgrace.com

We would be honored and blessed to have you not only pray for us, but consider partnering with us in our ministry at the Austin Stone. For more information about my residency and ways you can support us please check out this video we put together as well as our Partner Page!