Anniversary, Cruises and More!

Friends and Supporters,

Hope everyone has had a great start to the New Year! We couldn't be more grateful for our friends and family as we begin 2016 with exciting ministry opportunities on the horizon for us in the city of Austin. It's your constant support and encouragement through the ministry of the Austin Stone that helps fuel us to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the city and beyond. We're so thankful you are on this journey with us!

On January 10th Jessica and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary! For those of you who've had the privilege of knowing Jessica know what an incredibly kind, loving, encouraging and gifted person she is. Every anniversary I become more and more amazed that she is my wife. We've had an incredible journey in marriage thus far, living in 3 different cities and having 2 amazing children. God's blessed our marriage more than we deserve, and we can't wait to see what the future holds!


We wanted to share with you all that my parents have gifted Jess and I with a cruise to Jamaica and the Grand Cayman Islands at the end of this week! Needless to say, we are incredibly excited! We feel so grateful that my parents would bless us in this way. Jess and I can't wait to get away and spend this time together!  

Just as a short tribute to my parents: I feel so fortunate to have grown up in a healthy home where I was not only loved but also heard the Gospel from an early age. My parents have always been so encouraging and supportive in everything I've done. Even when Jess and I were in the process of raising support to move to Austin both of my parents were 100% behind us because they knew it was from the Lord and knew it was right for us. My parents are such a blessing to me and our kids and I'm so grateful for all they've done and continue to do to nurture our family! 

This pic was taken on Christmas Eve of Jess and I along with my brother Bryan, his wife Shanna and their 2 month old son Ethan. My parents were the lucky ones who got to hold our crazy kids.  

Conference Talk

This past November we (Austin Stone Worship) hosted the Austin Stone Worship Conference. Many of you had the opportunity to watch some of the sessions online via the live stream. I was excited to also hear from some of you about how impacting this conference was in your own life! Today I wanted to share with you a session from the conference that absolutely blew me away. This talk was seriously life changing for me, not only as a worship leader, but as a follower of Christ.

It was taught by Jesse Reeves who's written numerous worship songs that you may be familiar with including How Great is Our God, Lord I Need You, Our God as well as many of the songs off of the new Austin Stone record "This Glorious Grace." He serves on staff now at the Stone as the Creative Director of Family Ministries after previously playing bass with Chris Tomlin for many years.

His message from the conference was about 56 minutes in length but I promise it's worth every minute!! If you have a chance to check it out, you won't regret taking the time. I'm praying it impacts your heart as powerfully as it did mine. Click on the preview below to watch the session!

Thank you so much for your support and prayers! I look forward to updating you soon with all the Lord is doing for the glory of His name and the spread of His kingdom in Austin!

The Foreman's

We are continually grateful for your prayers and also for partnering with us in our ministry at the Austin Stone. Please feel free to pass on our story. It is our hope that the glory of the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be evident in our lives as we seek to serve Him in this season of ministry. For more information about my residency and ways you can support us please check out our Partner Page!